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Does exercise have a positive effect on the testosterone levels in women?

Exercise and testosterone
Exercise and testosterone

Exercise and Testosterone levels have been studied by numerous educational and medical facilities to see if there is a difference of a rise in testosterone in women. Women and men who are going through the same test have discovered that a woman’s testosterone levels don’t increase after high resistance exercise. Testosterone levels for the male will increase significantly with the same type of exercise regime.


Hormones are small messengers of the chemical variety that move along and are released into the blood. They are also stored in the blood and depending on what type of exercise or activity whether sexual or non-sexual can produce hormones to be released into the blood stream. Hormones help promote tissue building, such as Cortisol, testosterone, insulin growth factor and simply the growth hormone.


Exercise and testosterone levels in women remain to be lower than men, even in the same types of exercise regime. Testosterone hormones are secreted throughout the body from normal areas or traditional areas. These areas include the ovaries, testes, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. For testing the main areas came to the reproductive glands, which are the testes in male and ovaries in female. Males produce the higher levels of testosterone and females produce the higher levels of estrogen and very low levels of testosterone.


Testosterone is the main hormone that interacts with skeletal tissue muscles. It is a much higher degree in men during intense aerobic exercises than women. Testosterone can be raised through the amount of higher resistant exercise, resting for a certain amount of time between exercises and the larger group of muscle exercise program. The levels are higher for men in the mornings and for women they are around 20 times less.


Women who are active in exercise exude more confidence, feel better about themselves, plus they show pride in what they can do. Cardio workouts help the heart, blood pressure and keep the stress levels down. Walking is a good source of exercise for either male or female, although men seem to work out more with resistance than women.


Any type of high testosterone levels can be caused from more than a simple exercise routine. There could be other problems with women, if there happens to be a spike in testosterone levels. A doctor can check for this as it could be the result of ovarian or adrenal tumors.


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