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Does Dirk think like a dog? He is a really cool cat!


Cat Tales

Cool guy!

I don’t know if he thinks like a dog or not, but we have never met a cat anything like him! If you have a dog, there has certainly been a time when he either did something, or looked at you like he really had a connection with you. If you are lucky enough, he might directly meet your eyes, and you think that it is actually scary that he knows something about you.

Though we both adore cats in our household, and I find them to be truly unique and special creatures, I don’t think I have ever known one who ever directly meets my eyes. I have seen them to be truly empathic and actually take care of each other. Anyone who has one knows the therapeutic effect that they can have on us humans. Dirk can be actually scary intuitive. My service dog, Jordan, is like that, and she can be quite disarmingly intense, at times. But, a cat? They are most definitely more solitary creatures.

Cats are extremely sociable life forms, which is why we so readily invited them into our homes many centuries ago. Wild cats, and even feral domestic cats, live in colonies and take care of each other. More on feral cats and a brief history They do offer us a great deal of companionship, and certainly do bond with us, but has one ever looked you directly in the eyes, and you just knew he know what you were thinking? I never had!

Dirk is a foster, who like many others, was brought to me with ringworm. So I resolved that small problem which made him un-adoptable, and he joined our household. He is around four years old and a grey Tabby, Why anyone would have relinquished him to a shelter, or anyone else, I have no idea! Forget the recession! It costs very little to feed a cat. Many dogs are given up, mostly because of housing changes, but I could hide a cat like Dirk in my sleeping bag.

Though exceedingly personable, he very often sleeps with us. He is not one of my pesky cats who insist on interfering with any efforts on my laptop.

I swear to you, he absolutely knows that I just created a utube video of him, and is currently discussing his nature with you. At least, I am trying to, rather desperately. He has never attached himself to my lap as he is right now! Though he is personable, sweet, and can actually be quite charming, he has not been a “Lap” cat.

How does he know that I am writing about him? It is truly a behavioral mystery that I will continue to seek an answer to, yet will never find. I am grateful he had ringworm, or I would have never met him! Medically, it is possible for an animal to have un-resolvable ringworm. Perhaps that could be the case with him? It really isn’t that bad, after all. No one else would have him, I'm sure!

Have any of you learned my rather light and unique sense of humor? If not, keep reading. I really don’t lie, but do not take absolutely everything I say seriously. However, Dirk’s nature is the truth, he did have ring worm, medically, it is possible for an animal’s immune system to not allow ring worm to be cured with anti-fungal. and Ring worm is really not any worse then Athletes foot. However, I really do not wish that on him, permanently. He is just too very special!

The following video is called “Baking bread with Dirk”. He actually kneads pillows, or even the comforter in bed. I have witnessed two other cats in my household mimicking this action that have never done so before! Kittens kneading their mother’s teats first exhibit this behavior when nursing. “Baking bread” is singularly my term, mostly because I enjoy baking bread. Dr Corinne Thomas, a noted “cat only” vet in Loveland, CO,, calls it “making biscuits”. Either way, amusingly but accurately, describes this behavior, I believe. I think it just feels good, even to a four year old. He does do it for quite a while. It feels sooo good!

                                                 Baking Bread with Dirk- watch video


I will do another video soon, perhaps called "Dirk's spirited mouse chase in bathtub". It is hilarious! Please keep reading.

For any questions, comments, or interesting stories of your own, please either comment or email me at, so they can be shared by all!


  • BR 5 years ago

    LOL...cute video. We have a feral/domestic cross bred cat that we adopted from the local humane society. They found him in a feral cat trap. My husband wasn't a cat person when I met him years ago, but every cat we've had since has been his best buddy. This one in particular is his favorite. He loves it more than our dog.

  • Becky Robinson 5 years ago

    I am, and always will consider myself a "dog" person. I can also consider myself a behaviorist. I may have been raised with wolves. In the past few years, I have developed a passion for feral cats, and their plight. I have participated in local TNR (Trap, Neuter, release) clinics, and have fostered many of their orphan litters, sometimes newborns. I have had so many in my household at times, that I have absolutely fallen in love with these very special "creatures". Watching the interaction among the incredibly diverse personalities is truly fascinating and instructive. I applaud your adoption, BR, and encourage any dog person to adopt a cat. Don't fall into the historic dog person mentality of "I hate cats". You will find that they can truly be as empathic as many dogs. Consult Sam, if you are fearful of introducing a cat into your dog household. There are ways to do it. Having both is truly rewarding! You will love your new cat in a different way than your dog!

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