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Does Dirk think like a dog? He is a really cool cat!



  • BR 6 years ago

    LOL...cute video. We have a feral/domestic cross bred cat that we adopted from the local humane society. They found him in a feral cat trap. My husband wasn't a cat person when I met him years ago, but every cat we've had since has been his best buddy. This one in particular is his favorite. He loves it more than our dog.

  • Becky Robinson 6 years ago

    I am, and always will consider myself a "dog" person. I can also consider myself a behaviorist. I may have been raised with wolves. In the past few years, I have developed a passion for feral cats, and their plight. I have participated in local TNR (Trap, Neuter, release) clinics, and have fostered many of their orphan litters, sometimes newborns. I have had so many in my household at times, that I have absolutely fallen in love with these very special "creatures". Watching the interaction among the incredibly diverse personalities is truly fascinating and instructive. I applaud your adoption, BR, and encourage any dog person to adopt a cat. Don't fall into the historic dog person mentality of "I hate cats". You will find that they can truly be as empathic as many dogs. Consult Sam, if you are fearful of introducing a cat into your dog household. There are ways to do it. Having both is truly rewarding! You will love your new cat in a different way than your dog!

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