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Does computer Game Encourage Weight Gain?

Does computer Game Encourage Weight Gain?

Weight Gain Issue
Gain in weight is as a result of eating more calories and spending less. Genes and environmental factors play significant role in determining the number of calories you burn. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor food choices accounts for most cases of obesity and overweight. According to Center Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), prevalence of obesity among school-aged children has tripled in the last three decades. Nearly 12.5 million children in the US aged between 2 and 19 are obese. CDC notes that media viewing including computer games play major role in the development of the condition. This has also been attributed to their craving for high-calorie foods such as soft drinks with high sugar content, candies, baked foods and fats. You can also gain weight due to overeating as a result of stress or to cope with psychological problems. In reference to CDC, 69% of adult obese Americans get inadequate sleep. People with chronic sleep restrictions are more susceptible to gain weight. In a laboratory controlled study, researchers found out that there is an increased caloric intake in sleep deprived individuals that were sampled.

Computer games and Weight Gain
In a study in Denmark and Quebec, researchers found out that when you are glued to computer games, you burn more calories than when resting. How then can it cause weight gain? According to the study, it was found that you are more likely to consume more calories if you play computer games than when resting. The researchers speculated that you develop some impairment in satiety signaling post play or due to the struggle of winning the game. Additionally, computer games are usually played in a sedentary state mostly involving hands only. This means that you are physically inactive and hence very little calories get burned compared to bodily exercises. Other studies found that snacking during computer games contributes significantly to weight gain. If you lose a game, putting something down your throat will compensate for the defeat from a psychological perspective. The sweetness of a snack overrides the bitterness of the challenge. This is because most computer games are programmed with varying levels of complexity such that you can’t outscore the PC to the topmost ones.

How to avoid weight gain when playing computer games?

Here are some 5 tips to help you avoid weight gain when playing computer games:

  • Limit computer games: you should start cutting down the number of hours spent in front of the computer screen. Make it to at most 2 hours each day. Try some exercises like going for a walk, swimming, or gardening, visiting a friend or cycling. Your goal should be to break the addiction with another hobby and still have fun.
  • Avoid snacking: stop snacking and if you must, eat snacks with fewer calories. Alternatively, eating healthy fruits can be the better choice. Avoid sugary beverages such as sodas, juice drinks, and sport drinks. Make sure the fridge is some place far to avoid the temptation of reaching for something for your jaws.
  • Take plenty of water: it will give the feeling of satisfaction and drown the craving for a bite. Water promotes metabolism and hence more calories are burned. It’s worth rushing to washrooms taking a break from a computer game than to remain seated all day. The steps you will make to the restroom will burn few calories.
  • Play while standing: it might sound uncomfortable sometimes but you will be burning more calories than when seated. According to Discovery News, interactive computer games that makes you gets up and moving can help in staying physically fit without weight gain, experts.
  • Avoid bedroom: Don’t play computer games on your bed or during the night. You might get deprived of sleep which leads to weight gain according to CDC. Perhaps you should have it in the gym where you can alternate computer games with physical activities.

It is absolutely clear that computer games can lead to weight gain but if it becomes a deskbound preoccupation. However, if alternated with physical exercises, there can be no notable difference. The sedentary state at which it’s done inhibits your body from burning calories. You can simply put off weight by avoiding snacking which is as a result of the challenge from failing to reach the desired level or following a defeat in the game. Amazingly, you can lose weight if while playing a computer game while you are exercising at the same time. Just like any other habit, too much of computer games can become not only an addiction, but also a time wasting occupation. This can take toll on your life and turn you away from engaging in what is beneficial to your life. To wrap it up, not only computer games but any occupation without physical activities can lead to weight gain.

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