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Does Cass Sunstein have a paranoid fear of libertarians?

While libertarianism is based on the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) – no one may initiate force, intimidation or fraud against others – big government-apologists who benefit from the use of organized coercion of some against others eagerly look for ways to justify their own Coercive Repressive Aggression Principle (CRAP).

In 2010 Cass Sunstein argued that the US government should ban conspiracy theorizing. This fake libertarian thinks his idea of Nudge is not coercion.

Beyond attempts at justifying their own violence-based principles of social organization they seek to slur nonaggression.

Clearly based on what was once called "psychobabble" the "paranoid libertarian" slur has been gaining cachet in freedom-hating circles.

In his "How to Spot a Paranoid Libertarian" Bloomberg article, "Nudge" and "libertarian paternalism" co-inventor Cass Sunstein, who has spent his entire adult life within the womb of big coercive status quo government and/or academia, has offered five ways for spotting "Paranoid Libertarians."

The five "spottings" below are Sunstein's; the responses are this writer's.

1. Libertarians have a "wildly exaggerated" belief that government will "use its authority so as to jeopardize civil liberties."

Read history. Compare the relatively unencumbered liberties of early Americans to today's over-regulated, over-controlled, over-criminalized, over-surveilled, over-taxed society. Where's the paranoia?

2. Libertarians have "a presumption of bad faith on the part of government officials."

The US has been cynically manipulated or lied into virtually every war in which it has engaged, primarily for the benefit of ruling class statists, banksters and corporatists, by the very highest of these "government officials," the nation's presidents.

3. "Paranoid libertarians tend to believe that as individuals or as members of specified groups, they are being targeted by the government."

If Sunstein had a rational rather than a self-deception view of reality he would know that all governments everywhere and throughout history are criminal organizations; governments forcibly take from others to benefit itself. Sunstein himself is a victim of government; he just doesn't know it.

4. Libertarians have "an indifference to trade-offs – a belief that liberty ... is the overriding if not the only value."

Libertarians recognize the ultimate "trade-off" is between coercion and voluntaryism. Liberty is the one value that makes all other values possible.

5. Libertarians have "a passionate enthusiasm for slippery-slope arguments."

Again, read history. Murphy's Political Law states that anything that can be abused, corrupted and destroyed by government power will be.

Even while Sunstein admits "Societies can benefit a lot from paranoid libertarians" he is still clearly protecting his own preferred CRAP lifestyle.

The "libertarian paternalism" of Sunstein has a paranoid fear of libertarians.

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