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Does buying a home make financial sense in today's economy?


What’s on top of everyone’s minds these days? The economy... And not just the economy but how the current economy influences their job, their savings, and the value of their home.

That’s where we come in

You might be wondering if buying a home right now is a smart financial decision…The fact is, home ownership is key to building long term wealth, no matter when someone buys. Did you know  that according to National Association of Realtors, over the last 3 decades, studies show that home values have steadily increased, on average more than 6 per cent per year. In fact, 60% of the average American home owner’s wealth comes from their home’s equity.

 My husband and I have been Realtors for the past 7 years, having helped many people buy and sell homes and never have we seen a better time of opportunity for 1st home buyers, home buyers that want to sell and move up, and investors.

 Take for example the first time home buyer and all that they have in their favor right now: low interest rates (currently below 5% for a conventional 30 year fixed loan), affordable home prices, sellers that are willing to pay closing costs, and the new federal government tax credit of  $8,000.


If you have been considering buying a home, now is the time to do it - get out this beautiful Spring weekend in Atlanta and start looking - you'll be glad you did!