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Does Bush give the finger (again) in these 4 new Inception Media Group DVDs?

Four great new DVDs!
Four great new DVDs!
Author's collection

Inception Media Group is getting ready to release a quartet of new DVDs that will chill and thrill you.
That's a promise.

Undoubtedly one of the world’s most powerful residences, the White House not only serves as the president’s headquarters, where important decisions effecting millions are made, but also as a warm and welcoming refuge for the first family. Get an inside look at the place the first family calls home in White House Revealed.
Take an insider’s tour and meet the people who make this famous house a home. Loyal staff – including maids, assistants, ushers, valets, butlers, chefs, plumbers, engineers, florists and others who have worked under multiple presidents–share unique and personal views on everything from first pets to family birthday parties, preparations for inauguration and never-before-heard views of world-altering events and presidential scandals.
narrated by Martin Sheen and featuring an interview with 41 President George H.W. Bush, White House Revealed recounts decades of fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories through still photos, oral histories, rare video footage and exclusive interviews.

Horror movies take fans to a new level with Knight of the Dead, when a band of crusading knights must escort a sacred artifact through a zombie-infested valley. Yikes!
A band of crusading knights is charged with escorting the Holy Grail to safety through a plague-ridden countryside. Hunted by assassins, the knights venture into the forbidden Valley of Black Death where they discover something even more terrifying than the plague and the ruthless killers hot on their trail.
The banned valley has become home to the undead. Overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, their only chance for survival is a mysterious maiden who can guide them out.
Their final, chilling journey becomes the ultimate battle of men vs. undead as they face a non-stop barrage of gruesome, murderous walking dead . . . Can they make it out alive?

Prepare for a celestial voyage with NASA’s early interplanetary adventures and how the lessons of the past are being used in Space Voyages.
From America’s first rocket to high-tech robotic rovers, NASA’s giant leaps in engineering and science over the past 60 years have been nothing short of astronomical.
The Smithsonian Channel’s four-part series Space Voyages surveys the challenges and opportunities of modern space exploration. Celebrate the triumphs, lament the tragedies and learn how today’s engineers are using the past as a blueprint, refining yesterday’s technologies in hopes of sending humans to Mars and beyond.
Episodes include The Moon and Beyond, Into the Unknown, Open for Business and Surviving the Void. From rocket testers in Mississippi, to capsule builders in Florida, get an insider’s look into modern spacecraft and the technicians aiming to follow in the footsteps of their Apollo ancestors.

After a wild girls-night-out, three broke roommates stumble upon a suitcase full of money left behind during a gruesome, bloody gangland shootout. In a frantic attempt to keep the cash–and their dirty secret hidden–they devise a plan to smuggle it out of the country.
Call 'em Concrete Blondes.
But when one of the girls tells her boyfriend who has an outstanding debt with a violent underworld crime boss, he interrupts their mission in an attempt to take the money for himself. Now one wrong move may affect all of their lives forever.
Donning golden wigs and plenty of fire power they face off in a seedy nightclub against the criminals whose money they stole in an intense, final showdown. When greed, jealousy and a lack of trust threatens to break the friends apart will these Concrete Blondes crack?

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