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Does Buddy have a Buddy?

Find a buddy for your buddy
Find a buddy for your buddy
Kathy Sullivan

This time of year we become especially busy with all of the Christmas shopping, visiting of old friends, and attending Christmas parties, while still continuing to work. It is often the case that our canine companions are not feeling so loved anymore.

Dogs are pack animals, and when their packs are away, they get very lonely.

Make sure and pay some special attention to your dogs this Christmas season. If you are going to be gone for a whole day, have someone stop in and check on your pooch. Or, you may even try doggie daycare. We have several in the city of Lexington and your dog will benefit from the excercise and excitement.

If your dog is not getting enough excercise this time of year because of the weather, ask one of your friends or family members if your dog can have a play date with his/her dog.

My dog loves coming to her Memaws house because she just got a new puppy last year. The two are best friends. And just like the kids at Christmas time, they usually go to the basement and play chase!

My dog loves the exercise and the role of Momma dog in teaching the puppy how to behave.

Be careful, also this time of year, not to over indulge in the treat giving because you feel guilty about not being there for your pup. Give them a good rawhide or indestructible chew toy to keep your dog busy while you are gone. You are less likely to loose precious ribbons a wrapping paper if you give them something they can chew.

After spending the last two days watching Abby and Effie play chase and keep away, my vote is to get your buddy a buddy. The social interaction with their own kind is priceless.

Abby and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas this year!


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