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Does 'Battlefield Hardline' draw influence from the Payday series?

Does Hardline draw influences from the Payday series?
Does Hardline draw influences from the Payday series?
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Battlefield Hardline was announced during E3 2014 along with a playable beta that lasted about two weeks. Plenty of people, including this author, were able to go hands-on at the show and online at home with the PlayStation 4. Some people may question that the concept, even though new to Electronic Arts and DICE, may have been pulled from some other franchises. We were able to ask the Lead Multiplayer Designer for Battlefield Hardline Thaddeus Sasser about this issue.

The big thing to remember is that this is the Battlefield series. The game plays like a Battlefield game, as that mechanic has not changed. Sasser believes that is the ideal thing, as he expects the game to offer a unique experience. He personally doesn’t believe it is anything like Payday or Counterstrike, but he understands that the comparisons will come from those two, especially. He also understands the game is a first person shooter, which all play alike to a certain degree.

“I think the game has drawn a lot of comparisons. I think a lot of times if you go and explore a genre you haven’t been in previously, or rather a theme, you’re going to draw comparisons to other games. But I really think Battlefield Hardline will offer a unique experience. It’s not really like Counterstrike or any of these other games.”

-Thaddeus Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer Battlefield Hardline

The biggest thing that Sasser believes that will downplay the comparisons will be the vehicles, massive map size, and the destruction, basically the things that define a Battlefield game. No, there are no tanks, but there are real world locations including Downtown Los Angeles, which was playable at E3 and in the beta. Vehicles include sports cars, vans, motorcycles, helicopters, and jet skis. So this is certainly no normal Battlefield game. The comparisons also lack the vehicles, huge maps, and the large multiplayer. So it is safe to say that Hardline will stand out on its own, but continues what makes Battlefield what it is today.