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Does an RV save money?

One of the main reasons given for renting or buying an RV is that a family can save a lot of money on vacation. A lot of people wonder, however, if this is really true. In actuality, the savings that you can get from renting or buying an RV are based on how your family likes to vacation.

Look at Your Family Size

The main benefit that many people tout of RVs is that they can save a family a lot of money on hotel rooms. A typical hotel room can cost anywhere from $40 to several hundred dollars a night, while the rental fee for an RV site can range anywhere from nothing to $50. In addition, there are typically extra fees for water and electrical hook-ups.

This means that in some cases, a small family might actually save money by staying in cheap hotels instead of buying or renting an RV. Even without looking at the costs of buying or renting the RV, there are some families that could save about ten to twenty dollars a night by staying in hotels.

Larger families, however, will typically find that traveling in an RV can save them a bundle. Since many hotel rooms have a maximum occupancy of four, families with five or more people can often find themselves having to pay for two or more hotel rooms. In this case, an RV makes a lot more sense. There are rarely any restrictions on how many people can stay at an RV site, and families with young children will appreciate being able to keep watch over everyone instead of having a family split up.

Consider How You Like to Travel

For some people, vacations consist of getting to the destination as fast as possible, then spending as little time a possible in a hotel room. Other people like to spend a lot of time getting to their destination and then like to spread out activities during their vacation.

Generally speaking, families that like to spend more time on the road will prefer traveling by RV. If you prefer to travel as fast as possible, you will most likely end up spending more on gas. Also, not spending a lot of time in or around the campsite will probably mean that you wind up spending more on attractions and eating out.

Families that prefer slower paced vacations can save a lot by buying or renting an RV, however. By buying groceries and doing your own cooking, you can save a lot of money over eating out. While traveling, being able to sit down and prepare food in the RV means that you will save a lot over buying snacks from gas stations.

How Often and When Do You Travel?

Families that plan on using their RV multiple times a year will obviously save more by buying an RV than a family that doesn’t plan to use it much. A lot of people don’t realize that when they plan to travel can be a factor as well. Hotels and restaurants tend to cost the most during peak tourism times. If your family likes to travel around major holidays and during the summer, buying or renting an RV can save you a lot of money.

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