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Does Airsoft provide good combat training?

Airsoft warriors prepare for battle
Airsoft warriors prepare for battle
photo by Liston Matthews

I had a chance to visit Batallion Airsoft Arena located in Jacksonville, Florida earlier in the year. I observed lots of folks engaging in combative operations in the arena. They were in full battle gear, and appeared to be having a great time. As I observed, I wondered if this activity would be good training for actual mortal combat.

After interviewing some of the participants, I think the answer is yes, but with certain limitations.

Participating in this activity does not necessarily provide training in correct weapons manipulation. This includes loading, unloading, reloading, proper sight alignment, and trigger control.

What it does provide is a great adrenalin rush. And being able to perform the tasks mentioned above with adrenalin rushing through the body in a force-on-force situation, is certainly worthwhile.

If you are in the JAX area, be sure and give it a try.


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