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Does ABC pay 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on 'ATFR' special?

“Bachelor” Juan Pablo gives out his final rose on March 10, 2014, and now there is news that ABC may pay him to propose to rumored winner, Nikki Ferrell, on the “After the Final Rose” special that airs right after the season finale.

Does ABC pay Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on 'After the Final Rose' special?

For months, blogger Reality Steve has spoiled that Juan Pablo chooses Nikki over Clare at the final rose ceremony in St. Lucia. However, he has been promising, up until now, that Juan Pablo does not propose.

Is it all over for Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell?

On Feb. 26, 2014, Reality Steve updated his blog, telling his fans, “According to my sources, there is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on the “After the Final Rose” show.

He also notes that this is the first time in 10 seasons that a “Bachelor” does not propose at the final rose ceremony, so perhaps ABC flashed some cash at Juan Pablo in an effort to make this lackluster season have a happy ending? If he takes it,

After Andi’s exit last night, fans are probably looking for some light in the dark reality TV cloud, otherwise known as Juan Pablo.

Will a (paid) engagement be enough to save his season? If what Reality Steve's sources say is really true, it could make this season a bigger train wreck that it already is.

Is Andi Dorfman the next 'Bachelorette'?

On Tuesday night, Twitter lit up like Las Vegas when fans of the show became outraged over his lack of tact with Andi Dorfman. He’s hasn’t been the “Bachelor” many expected and the language barrier line is getting old.

Next week, the “Women Tell All” special airs at 8 p.m (March 3) and the previews show some very angry girls, including Andi Dorfman, Sharleen Joynt and Kelly Travis giving Juan Pablo a hard time. Of course, he will say, “OK” - his standard response for everything when he can’t kiss someone.

Tune in the following week (March 10) for the season finale of “The Bachelor” and the “After the Final Rose” special when Juan Pablo will either say it's over with Nikki Ferrell or will propose to her after cashing a big check.

Let’s see if Reality Steve is right this season. If so, he’ll be basking in the glory of an utterly terrible season of ABC’s popular reality TV show.

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