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Does a book count a a Valentine

Cleis Press asks a good question, and there is a good answer
Cleis Press asks a good question, and there is a good answer
submitted by Brenda Knight

Valentine’s Day has just passed, but it will be back, so thank you Cleis Press for asking the question. The answer a resounding yes, a book certainly does count as a Valentine. A book may carry the very message you want to convey; that message may be in the title, the content, the artwork or the philosophy. It may be romantic, historic, erotic, encouraging, about living life joyfully and celebrating each day to the fullest. A book may speak, as they say, volumes all by itself, but you can do even better. Why not turn that book into an even deeper messenger of your love, passion, desire, devotion or friendship.

Just how do you do that? Well, the flyleaf, that blank page in the front of a book, is just begging for a love note that will transform a book into an even more memorable Valentine. This love note will, of course, be in your handwriting, ever a reminder that this book has actually felt the touch of your hand. And, there is no such thing as, “my handwriting is too awful.” It is yours, and that’s what counts.

There are so many choices of stationery, some of them not even paper. When Steve Jobs died, people wrote love notes to him on actual apples. Sweethearts engrave love messages on the inside of rings. You find them hand embroidered onto quilts and embedded in needlepoint art.

So, yes by all means, go right ahead, buy a book and turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift that will be known for generations to come as your Valentine by simply inscribing, in your own penmanship, your love, passion, desire, devotion, or friendship all over that first page or inside cover. Yes, the book can be, with your personal touch, one of the best Valentine gifts.

But, while you are waiting for next Valentine’s Day, today is a perfect time to express all that passion, desire, devotion, and friendship. Love letters are for any day of the year, and there are always books waiting to be inscribed by you to someone whose heart, soul, mind or body you want near you.

Another bonus is that if your grandchildren and great-grandchildren (nieces, nephews, family friends or even strangers) are lucky enough to find those books on a shelf or stashed in an attic, they will learn something about you. You can be sure they will be thrilled to learn a little something about Granny and Gramps. So don't forget to write in the date. It will mean even more in 50 years than it does right now. An inscribed book is a gift that keeps on giving. Nice legacy, really. Thank you, Cleis Press, for asking the question.

From me to you with love in the air,

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