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Dodge Viper ordered to be destroyed by Chrysler

Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper
Photo by Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images

Chrysler has ordered that a Dodge Viper be destroyed by the Berks Career and Technology Center in Pennsylvania. The York Dispatch reports on March 14 that the school was allowed to use the car as a teaching tool, but Chrysler remained the owner. The school will have to crush the Dodge Viper and provide the manufacturer with proof.

Chrysler is asking schools around the country to destroy their Dodge Vipers by crushing them. It is estimated that 90 cars could be destroyed by tech schools that have used them in their classrooms. Chrysler donated the vehicles to help students learn how to work on them, but it always maintained control as the owner.

The car manufacturer claims the Dodge Vipers are not street-legal and have old equipment on them, so they must be crushed. Although the Berks Career and Technology Center is pleased its students were able to benefit from the vehicle for more than a decade, it is not thrilled with the idea of having to destroy the car.

Pennsylvania is not the only state affected by the news from Chrysler, and Washington is also feeling the impact of the announcement. The South Puget Sound Community College must also crush its Dodge Viper worth $250,000, and there is a contract in place that forces it to comply. Trade schools signed agreements with the car manufacturer that indicated they could be asked to destroy the vehicles.