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Dodge Ridge Ski Resort closed for the 2013-2014 season

Because the lack of snow, Dodge Ridge Ski Resort closed its doors for the season and might re-open if there is a major snow falls.
Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort the closest ski area to the San Francisco Bay Area, about 166-miles, has closed its doors for the season.

The lack of snow, 160-inches , compared to a normal season of 300-plus inches, and the safety of the skiers, the management decided its not worth staying open--if more snow arrives, the management might change its mind.

There could be several other reasons that the management is closing its doors for the season too: you have to have a hard pack of snow to ski on, if you don't, your skis could catch an edge in the dirt, under the snow, and over you would go. A hard pack, snow that turn to ice , under fresh snow, prevents this from happening.

In a normal season, most ski areas in California will usually stay open until the end of March or go several weeks into April, depending upon the weather, but for the safety of the skiers the management decided to close for the season

If you want to ski, call the ski area before going skiing to see if the area is still open.

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