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DOCUMENTED - a film by Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer Jose Antonio Vargas

DOCUMENTED a film by an illegal immigran undocumented American

As I read my email this lovely sun filled Los Angeles afternoon, I was stuck by the new documentary opening at Landmark's Regent Theater on May 9th, written, directed, and produced by Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas. After reading the press package, and watching the trailer for this movie titled, DOCUMENTED - a film by an illegal immigrant undocumented American, I had to bring it to you.

As a Los Angeles native I have heard all sides of the immigration debate, while admittedly, never having all of the information from all sides. Instead hearing a massive amount of biased misinformation from everyone. I believe this story will help open our eyes, minds, and hearts to the fact that there is another side to it, a side that many of us may not have seen or considered.

DOCUMENTED looks like a compelling, heart felt journey, told first had by a man who has lived this undocumented life first hand, became successful in his field, then outed himself that he was not a legal resident of the United States. DOCUMENTED looks to be a story told with honesty, reality, and passion. It isn't about one specific culture of people coming to America for a better life, it explores all people who immigrate here, and one man's journey to be allowed to see his mother again.

Directly from the press release: "DOCUMENTED from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas about his gripping journey as an undocumented child immigrant from the Philippines looking to bring immigration reform to our country and re-connect with the mother he has not seen in 20 years. Vargas began working on the documentary shortly before “outing” himself as undocumented in a groundbreaking New York Times Magazine essay, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant.” Vargas has been a journalist for over a decade, writing for outlets such as Rolling Stone, the New Yorker and Washington Post, where he was part of the team that won a Pulitzer Prize for covering the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech."

While I am readily awaiting my press screener to see what is sure to be a compelling piece, I highly urge you to get out of the house, bar, coffee shop, backyard, whatever, and into a theater. I can't recommend to you enough to spend your money on something worthwhile, that helps keep content like this able to continue being made. To see something that may open your eyes to another humans reality, regardless of if you agree with it or not, being open about things like this is in itself an incredibly beautiful thing.

UNDOCUMENTED opens in Los Angeles at Landmark's Regent Theater on May 9th, 2014.

To read Jose Antonio Vargas NY Times essay click here:

Until then you can catch the trailer here:

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