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Documentary on Romanek debuts May 13; preliminary court hearing continued

'extraordinary: the stan romanek story' debuts March 13 at
Photo courtesy of j3FILMS, used with permission

A documentary exploring the experiences of alleged alien abductee Stan Romanek will be available May 13 at, according to press releases received today from Jon Sumple of j3FILMS. The new website launches today and the film 'extraordinary: the stan romanek story' will debut on the site Tuesday.

“We wanted the film to be so much more than a product on a shelf,” Sumple was quoted in the first of the two press releases. “ provides an opportunity to enhance the film experience by surrounding it with additional content whenever we want. With over 60 hours of raw footage, we can craft additional stories and surround 'extraordinary' with content that will help audiences further understand the depth and breadth of Stan and Lisa's experiences.”

The press release continued, “Stan Romanek claims to be at the center of the world's most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world his story is true. This film documentary takes audiences on a journey through Stan's past, present and future with one goal in mind: Help the world understand that no one knowingly chooses the challenges Stan and his family have endured over the past decade.”

Critics, however, remain skeptical. Former MUFON director James Carrion identified several questionable aspects of the Romanek case, including the same spelling error recurring in multiple documents supporting Romanek's claims yet purportedly written by different people. Romanek followers nonetheless continue to accept claims of an alien presence and dismiss such discrepancies, often labeling Carrion and those who share his interest in such questionable circumstances as disinformation agents.

The second of the two press releases received today from j3FILMS explained that the documentary is receiving “rave reviews from ufology experts.” Reviewers included Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who stated the film contained an overwhelming collection of evidence.

“It demonstrates that a simple man is in contact with a different reality,” Maussan was quoted.

Christina George is a ufologist and host of the talk radio shows Paranormal Connections and Aliens, UFOs and Beyond. George stated she “was blown away” by the documentary and wanted more.

“This film will make even skeptics question what they believe,” she was quoted.

That might prove to be much more of a personal opinion than an accurate observation, as another of the reviewers was Yvonne Smith, a hypnotherapist who described the film as a must-see. Investigative techniques practiced by such researchers as Smith, who employ hypnotic regression as a memory retrieval enhancement, have fallen under substantial fire. Criticisms include the activity induces significant trauma among research subjects, or alleged alien abductees, during the collection of fantastic stories, credibility of which often largely hinges on the witness testimony obtained during the hypnosis sessions. Those who continue to practice hypnotic regression and present its results as support for their theories are unlikely to garner even minimal credibility from individuals more inclined to lean towards skeptical perspectives.

In related developments, a Wednesday preliminary court hearing for Stan Romanek was continued to May 28, his wife, Lisa, informed 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' today when asked about the matter. Romanek has been free on bond following his February arrest in Loveland, Colo. on child exploitation charges. Lisa has subsequently acted as a spokesperson for the couple due to Stan being required to refrain from Internet activity as a condition of release. She and other sources close to Romanek have consistently maintained his innocence, suggested he was unjustly charged due to his position in the UFO community and indicated he would plead not guilty to the crimes.

The unfolding Romanek circumstances created passionately loyal followers, adamantly skeptical critics and all points in between. The long anticipated documentary from j3FILMS will add yet another chapter to this ongoing saga. Virtually all that seems certain at this point is that whatever happens next, it will include controversy and debate. For more information about 'extraordinary: the stan romanek story', visit or contact co-producer Jack Roth at

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