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Doctors in Sweden successfully transplant 9 wombs into women seeking childbirth

Are you in the market for a new baby but due to a faulty uterus or no uterus, a medical condition that many women suffer from making it impossible for you to carry your own biological children?

There may be help for you yet, according to top headline news at PCH

Doctors in Sweden have just successfully transplanted wombs into 9 women who either had their uterus removed because of cervical cancer or were born without a uterus, they received the wombs from relatives who donated their own.

According to the report there have been previous transplant attempts in Saudi Arabia and Turkey with neither one having produced babies. But recently the woman in Turkey has become pregnant. See video above.

All nine of the women who received the transplant are doing well and were released from the hospital within days of the transplants.

The women will not be able to get pregnant naturally because their fallopian tubes were not connected to their newly transplanted uterus's but before the transplants the doctors removed some eggs and froze them for future in-vitro fertilization.

If this is done successfully the women will be able to carry their own children.

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