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'Doctor Who' 'The Time of the Doctor' Blu-ray review

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor
BBC Home Entertainment

You can now own Matt Smith's farewell episode on Blu-ray and DVD, as BBC Home Entertainment released "Doctor Who's" "The Time of the Doctor" on Tuesday, March 4.

Is it worth adding it to your collection? Listen, the episode itself might have had its (significant) flaws, but if you do decide to buy it, it will probably be just for the special features and to complete your Matt Smith "Doctor Who" collection. Yes, two of the special features – "Tales from the TARDIS" and "Farewell to Matt Smith" – aired on BBC America leading up to the 50th anniversary special and Smith's final episode, but they are both solid specials exploring the history of the show and Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor. Each of those two features is approximately 45 minutes long, with cast interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the series, and the third new special feature, "Behind the Lens," offers a behind-the-scenes look at filming Smith's emotional last episode.

"Behind the Lens" gives a pretty comprehensive look at the episode as a whole, from Clara's Christmas with her family (and Sheila Reid (Gran) and Elizabeth Rider's (Linda) "Doctor Who" connections) to the Eleventh Doctor's last battle and regeneration, from the special effects to the table read and emotional wrap up. "I wanted it to be a grandstanding battle for the Eleventh Doctor's final moments," Steven Moffat says of the returning monsters for the Doctor's "triumphant" end. In the clips of the table read and from the set, you can see Matt Smith getting emotional and his farewell. The only downside is there isn't a behind-the-scenes look at filming Karen Gillan's return as Amy Pond.

Yes, the other two special features aired on BBC America as part of the 50th anniversary and Christmas special celebrations, but if you're a fan of the show, don't let that influence your decision about buying the Blu-ray. "Tales from the TARDIS" features past Doctors (and now Matt Smith can be included in that category) and their companions looking back at their experiences on the show, what made their Doctors unique and more, while "Farewell to Matt Smith" is brilliantly narrated by River Song herself, Alex Kingston. It gives a good rundown of Smith's era on "Doctor Who," from concerns about fans' acceptance to his wardrobe and that bowtie and the fez, from his companions and saying goodbye to Amy and Rory to filming in the US and NYC, from Comic-Con to the 50th anniversary special.

Will you be buying the "Doctor Who" "The Time of the Doctor" on Blu-ray or DVD?

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