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'Doctor Who' season 8 premiere date and new teaser: Is the Doctor a good man?

Have you been waiting to see Peter Capaldi's Doctor in action following the tease in the 50th Anniversary Special and his introduction in the latest Christmas Special? We know that the Doctor is going to be different, just from those few glimpses, but we don't really know much else about what to expect from him. Well, now you can begin your countdown, because on Friday, June 27, BBC America announced the season 8 premiere date and released a new teaser trailer showing the 12th Doctor.

Doctor Who, Clara (Jenna Coleman) and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi)
Ray Burmiston, ©BBC/BBC WORLDWIDE 2014, used with permission

The "Doctor Who" season 8 premiere, titled "Deep Breath," will air Saturday, Aug. 23, at 8 p.m. on BBC America and will be Capaldi's first full episode as the 12th Doctor. Jenna Coleman is back as the Doctor's companion, Clara Oswald. Samuel Anderson is joining the cast as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School, where Clara also works. Guest stars for the season include Ben Miller, Keeley Hawes and Tom Riley.

Leading up to the premiere, there will be a world tour, the largest promotional undertaking for the show in its 50-year history, introducing Capaldi as the new Doctor. It will start in the UK on Aug. 7 and ending in Brazil on Aug. 19. Capaldi and Coleman's first US appearance will be in New York on Thursday, Aug. 14.

We still don't know much about season 8, but the new teaser trailer, which reveals the premiere date and features Capaldi in an exploding TARDIS, shows the Doctor asking Clara, "Am I a good man?" We then see Clara in the Doctor's eye admitting, "I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore." What will the Doctor and his companion's relationship be like in season 8? BBC America has also released a new image of the Doctor (in his new costume, which had previously been revealed) and Clara in the TARDIS.

"Doctor Who" season 8 premieres Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. on BBC America. What are you hoping to see from Capaldi's Doctor?

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