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Doctor Who: Are you ready for the kilt-wearing Doctor?

A young Peter Capaldi plays the bagpipes.
A young Peter Capaldi plays the bagpipes. Ingrid Richter

A great deal of the Whovian internet is concerned about the 12th Doctor’s age. But, should they be concerned about something else? Doctor Who show runner, Steven Moffat, has already announced that the 12th Doctor will be sporting a natural Scottish accent. Played by Scottish actor, Peter Capaldi, the season 8 Doctor will keep the actor’s natural brogue.

The 12th Doctor’s essential ‘Thing’ is his Scottishness.

It may not stop there, however. Moffat told IGN, durring the BAFTA Game Awards, that the essential “thing” Capaldi had in store for Whovians was his “Scottishness.”

We’ve all seen the picture of the other Scottish Doctor Who actor, David Tennant, sporting a kilt and tux blouse at an awards ceremony. It’s hard to miss, as proper geeky fangirls all over the world have shared, retweeted, and otherwise propagated it to outer edges of the solar system and back. But, if Twelve’s “essential Thing” is the fact that he is Scottish, does this mean we’ll be seeing the Doctor in a kilt on the small screen and in character?

Another question is, would that be such a bad thing?

Possible Scottish Doctor Who scenario might include more than a kilt.

Imagine this: the Doctor and his companions (yes he’ll have 2 this season) marching down the middle of town wearing kilts while rocking bagpipes to the tune of “Flowers Of The Forest” to scare away some new bady. That would scare me! (Have you heard that song?) He would use flaming electric bagpipes and wear a kilt made of telepathic cloth.

Moffat brings up the impact that the accent can bring to show. “You say the world’s about to end in a Scottish accent, and you really believe it!”

The brogue makes the character.

So, while we wait for Fall to arrive, and bring the premire of season 8 (series 8) with it, let’s all sit back, close our eyes, and image the Doctor telling off a Dalek in a thick Scottish accent before beating it with his flaming electric bagpipes.

New episodes of Doctor Who return this Fall, 2014. Exact date yet to be announced.

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