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Doctor sells narcotic scripts for $150 cash to undercover cops with no ailments

L.A. Doctor sold narcotic scripts for $150 a piece to undercover agents.
L.A. Doctor sold narcotic scripts for $150 a piece to undercover agents.
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

An East Los Angeles doctor who prescribed more than 5,000 prescriptions for dangerous narcotics in one year is under indictment for trafficking drugs. Dr. Andrew S. Sun, 78, of La Mirada charged $150 cash for each prescription. He was prescribing several of the different highly abused drugs today. Sun was caught by undercover agents posing as patients who allegedly named their own drug and paid him $150 cash to get the paper prescription to take to a pharmacy, according to the L.A. Times on April 10.

Sun is accused of turning his clinics in East Los Angeles and in San Gabriel into mills, which have netted him a lot of cash. He and his wife have a total of 44 bank accounts totaling more than $1.1 million in cash, which was deposited between 2008 and 2012. He is also charged with money laundering in the indictment.
According to the Whittier Daily News, Sun was charged with 24 counts of illegally prescribing controlled substances, along with four counts of money laundering.

The undercover agents were able to get prescriptions for drugs that would treat ailments they didn’t have from the good doctor. The agents were prescribed drugs by Sun more than a dozen times. At one point he told an agent that he is not God “just a doctor” after debating with the agent on whether she needed the strong pain killer Vicodin or not. The affidavit quotes Sun as saying:

"If you want to insist on getting such a strong medicine, I'll give it to you," Sun allegedly told the agent after debating whether she needed Vicodin. "I'm just a doctor. I'm not God, OK, so I cannot say no to something that you want to do.... I can only advise you not to, but if you want to do it ... I can't say no."

Doctor’s like this can add to the problems of the drug abuse and addiction epidemic in the country today. During one visit the doctor encourage the agent to come up with a fake excuse so he could prescribe a high number of an extra strength narcotic. Apparently he was dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s when it came to documenting ailments and stating legitimate reasons for prescribing these drugs.

With the indictments, Sun surrendered his DEA registration for prescribing these medications. This all came about after the undercover agents had enough evidence for a raid of Sun’s office. They were able to get what they needed to indict the doctor for his alleged illegal practice of selling prescriptions.

While Sun is pleading not guilty and his lawyers are planning to fight this all the way, a pain treatment expert, Rick Chavez reviewed all the evidence. He looked over the exchanges Sun had with the agents along with other documentation. He found that there was “no legitimate basis for many of Sun’s prescriptions.”

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