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Doctor says sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine: Do you believe it?

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According to "CBS This Morning" on Feb. 24, Dr. Mark Hyman talked to the co-hosts about sugar being eight times more addictive than cocaine.

The author of "The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet" believes too much sugar isn't just bad, but it's addictive.

The U.S. doctor is making it his mission to publicly highlight some scary effects sugar has on the body.

The chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine says we're becoming more dependent on sugary foods and drinks.

On "CBS This Morning," Dr. Mark Hyman said:

"In animal studies, they find that the rats go for the sugar and that it's eight times as addictive as cocaine. Small amounts of sugar can be part of a normal diet, but most of us are addicted to sugar and don't know it."

Hyman calls sugar the new nicotine and sugary foods are "deadly." Therefore, the doctor is trying to help people find ways to lessen their dependence on sugar with tips from his book, "The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet." He assures readers that they can learn to reset their health in less than two weeks with his sugar detox tips.

According to Dr. Hyman's website, 600 people took part in the diet to encourage healthier eating habits. Together, they lost more than 4,000 pounds, and their average blood pressure fell by about 10 points.

Dr. Hyman estimates that the average American eats 152 pounds of sugar a year.