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Doctor's hand-washing etiquette prevents the spread of germs

Suds up to prevent spread of germs
Suds up to prevent spread of germs
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The myth is that if you wash your hands with antibacterial soap or gel, it protects the skin from the spread of germs. Did you know that foam hand-washing combats more bacteria and lasts longer in fighting disease than alcohol and gel alone. The importance of lathering up suds in cleansing, is removal of dirt and grime. If your hand-wash is lacking suds, then you should consider the failure to suspend dirt and lift it away, and the fact that it will end up on your skin again.

Moisturizing hand soap is all the buzz, because it cuts a step out of the cleansing process by combining wash with a moisturizer. Although it keeps your hands and body from drying out, moisturizing hand soap can deter from the antibacterial benefits. It is recommended that you use a separate moisturizer to get the maximum cleanse.

Doctors, such as surgeons, who go into the washroom and give an invigorating rub to their bar soap, infiltrate air into the soap for suds. After observing the doctors in the workforce, it turns out that only 40 percent are compliant with hand washing. According to the SDA, the workforce is skimping on number of washings per day, as well as, length of time for cleansing.

While it is important to use the right soap and the right wash method, it is also essential to increase hand washing maintenance. Are doctors really the example to follow in hand-washing etiquette?