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Doctor performs foot surgery with the help of Google Glass

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During a three-day medical conference held in Jaipur, India over the weekend, a U.S.-based doctor successfully performed foot and ankle surgery using the Google's forthcoming eyewear gadget, Google Glass.

According to India Today on Jan. 12, Selen G. Parekh took Google Glass into the operating room on Saturday for the procedure, which was broadcast live over the Internet.

During the surgery, the technology allowed Parekh to view X-Rays and MRI data while working on the patient simultaneously. Dr. Ashish Sharma, head of the American team of doctors present at the conference, also said Google Glass allows a doctor to communicate with a patient's family or friends during the procedure.

"It's an amazing technology," Sharma said.

Earlier, during surgeries, to show something to another doctor, we had to keep moving and the cameraman had to move as well to take different angles. During this, there are chances of infection. So in this technology, the image seen by the doctor using Google Glass will be seen by everyone throughout the world."

India Today also pointed out that the technology could be useful in rural areas where healthcare and communication are not quite as accessible.

This is actually not the first surgery aided by Google Glass. An Indian doctor used it last September for an upper gastro-intestinal laparoscopy procedure, which medical students could view a couple of blocks away. In July 2013, Scottsdale, Ariz. orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gil Ortega, a Google Glass Explorer, streamed a live procedure using the technology's Glasster Streamer.

"I think Google Glass has great potential for use in healthcare and hopefully documenting and sharing this procedure will demonstrate that," Ortega told an Arizona CBS affiliate.



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