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Doctor Doom May be a Woman in 'Fantastic Four'; Emmy Rossum Tests for Sue Storm

Would Emmy Rossum make a good Invisible Woman?

I spoke to Miles Teller a couple of weeks ago at the Sundance Film Festival where he was promoting his new film, Whiplash, and he told me that casting decisions on the Fantastic Four reboot should be coming up soon. Looks like he wasn't far off as THR reports screen testing is underway now with a few more names added to the list of contenders, plus a couple that never made the cut.

Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum are said to have read for the role of the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, with Elizabeth Olsen and Saoirse Ronan apparently out of the picture. Mara has been rumored previously, along with Girls star Allison Williams. Miles Teller has also tested for the role of team leader, Reed Richards, and appears to be the frontrunner with Kit Harington moving on to star in Testament of Youth. Meanwhile, Christian Cook (Romeo & Juliet) is in contention to play the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing, Ben Grimm, but there's no mention of the previously-rumored Josh Gad.

Meanwhile, THR says that Michael B. Jordan is indeed locked in to play the Human Torch, exercising the option they had on him after starring in Chronicle for Josh Trank. But the most intriguing idea the story pushes is that Doctor Doom, the expected villain of the film, may be played by a female as the studio searches for a big name to take on the part. If they thought people were upset over an African-American Johnny Storm, wait until they propose a female Doctor Doom.

More auditions are expected over the coming days. Fantastic Four is expected to open March 6th 2015.

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