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Do your trees violate Saginaw, Texas, fire code?

Does this tree violate Saginaw, Texas, fire code?
Photo by Kelly Christiansen

The City of Saginaw Fire Code requires that fire apparatus access roads, which include public streets, shall have an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than fourteen (14) feet. The 14’ vertical clearance is required for the entire width of marked fire lanes and from curb to curb on public roadways.

Low hanging trees prevent the safe and proper overhead clearance needed by emergency vehicles. Low hanging trees can cause unnecessary damage to emergency vehicles and impede the speedy response of personnel and apparatus when requested for an emergency.

Unattended basketball goals in and next to the roadway are also a common obstruction encountered by the fire department. Basketball goals and any other similar device shall not be permanently installed or left unattended in or adjacent to the road so that the required vertical clearance is maintained at all times.

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