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Do your pets hate the 4th of July?

Fourth of July is Scary!!


Fourth of July is a fun time!
For people that is…….
Most pets do not like the Fourth of July. This includes cats too! With the holiday coming up in just a few short days I am urging all pet owners to please take note of the following safety tips. I understand that we all think we've covered our basis but if there is just one tip you may see that you've overlooked it could save some heartache this long weekend.

And in Honor of Valor, the lone survivor of the tragic Gilbert Dog Boarding incident, we pray you make it home safely before the Fire Works start Valor! We know you are so close to home! I know you can do it!

Safety Tips for pets during a very Loud and Bright 4th of July Weekend

Loud noises can frighten your pets. It is safer and less stressful for your pet if you leave him at home rather than taking him to a Fireworks Display.
Below are tips to help you keep your pet safe for your Fourth of July Celebration!

1. Keep your pets away from Sparklers, BBQ’s and Citronella Candles. If you can’t supervise your pet at all times, keep him indoors where he will be safe. Secure him in a quite, pet proofed room with a TV playing or soft music to alleviate the noises from outside.

2.Do not apply any sunscreens or sprays to your pet that are not made specifically for him. If your yard has excessive insects that are bothering your pet, ask your local Veterinarian for a recommendation on pet safe insect repellents such as Front Line Plus and K9 Advantage.

3.Keep your pet Hydrated. Make sure to fill his bowl if he is going to be outside with you.

4.Do not place party favors, glow ropes or other festive party favorites on your pet. If digested they can cause severe health problems and even death!

5.Do not include your pet in Large Celebrations outside of your yard. Noise, Fireworks, alcohol and unsupervised ingestion of foods can be harmful to your pet.

6.Do not ever bring them with you and leave them in the car!!

7.Make sure your pet has an ID Tag on his collar with CURRENT INFORMATION!

8.If your pet’s must stay in the backyard, please make sure they cannot dig under the fence or jump over a fence. Best solution…keep them indoors!

9.Never chain your pet outside, if spooked, he could strangle himself.

10.Lastly, be patient! Be prepared for the Celebration by pet proofing your yard and your home.

The Fourth of July is one of the year’s biggest days that animals get lost.

If your pet is micro chipped and/or has an ID tag on with Current telephone numbers, you increase your chance of being reunited with him.
If you have taken every step to help your pet through this Celebrated Day and he is still a basket of nerves, you may need to consult with your Veterinarian for alternatives such as mild tranquilizers to keep your pet quite.

With that said, Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July! Kim

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