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Do your part - help the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan - none prettier or closer.
Lake Michigan - none prettier or closer.
JoAnn Fastoff

Volunteers are needed to help clear beaches of litter and debris all around the Great Lakes as part of the Alliance’s annual September Adopt-a-Beach™ cleanup on Sept. 25, the Alliance’s 20th anniversary of the event.

There are 235 scheduled cleanups in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. “Adopting a beach is something almost anyone can do to help the Great Lakes and feel like they’re part of the solution,” said Jamie Cross, acting manager of the Adopt-a-Beach™ program. “It’s empowering at a time when some of the problems facing our Great Lakes can seem overwhelming.”

Last year more than 5,682 volunteers in three Great Lakes states took part in the one-day event, removing 18,100 pounds of trash from 145 locations in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. This year the Alliance also takes on the state of Wisconsin, serving for the first time as state coordinator of the Wisconsin coastal cleanup.

Beach litter is dangerous, as well as an eyesore. Small children play with cigarette butts, fish consume pieces of plastic, and birds get ensnared in fishing line and balloon strings – all common forms of trash found on Great Lakes shorelines.

To get involved and register online, see For more information on the Alliance’s year-round Adopt-a-Beach™ program, see

We hope you can join “G’s Army” on Saturday, September 25th from 9:30am -11:30am to help clean up 57th Street Beach. We only ask that you wear closed-toe shoes – we’ll supply the gloves. Also, juice, coffee and donuts are on us! You’ll know who we are –we’ll be the ones busy cleaning!



  • RACH 4 years ago

    Sounds like work to me. Used to sound like fun, but the closer it gets to the date, the more it sounds like the reward will be one of those "worth it" type expenditures of effort. Got it pencilled in.

  • Ryan Maloney 4 years ago

    Nice work JoAnn!! Way to step up the efforts at TWO sites in Chicago--55th and 57th Beach.

    See you there,

    Ryan Maloney

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