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Do Your Clients Ask "Why Are We Moving?" Upon Seeing Their Listing?

Do Your Clients Ask "Why Are We Moving?" Upon Seeing Their Listing?
Do Your Clients Ask "Why Are We Moving?" Upon Seeing Their Listing?
Tom Priester

If Not Maybe Something is Wrong

This week I had a call from a client after I had forwarded them the photos and description we had put together telling the story of their home to prospective buyers. The very buyers we will be attempting to entice from the variety of on-line sources, like Trulia. Theirs was a question I had heard before "Can you tell me again why we are moving". I take great pride when hearing these words as it tells me the presentation we have put together is giving them a sense of seller's remorse even before we put the home on the market.

If they are seeing and reading the story of their home and are wondering why on earth they are even considering moving just think of the effect it will have on someone out there in Internet land who is actually looking to buy a home. With 86% of all buyers looking for suitable properties on-line before contacting a Realtor there is probably no one thing that will have more of an impact on the activity our clients will see and the price and terms they will realize for their property.

Yet each day I am amazed at the poor level of marketing many sellers find acceptable and just another reason our mission remains to raise the level of service available to anyone seeking real estate services throughout Palm Beach and Martin County. The fact that we strive to do it for the best value is actually just icing on the cake. This week I was showing a home with a 7 figure asking price that was absolutely stunning yet when I went back to see how it looked on-line I was saddened for the seller. Their house deserved better, they deserved better.

When contemplating the sale of any property make sure you interview at least three professional Realtors®. Look at their portfolio. Are their clients asking "Why are we moving?". If not, I would suggest you interview more Realtors®. If you are in Palm Beach or Martin County, call me. If you are in any other city in this great land go ahead and call me as well. I will be happy to refer you to an agent who will have you asking "Why are we moving?" Always interesting, always fun.

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