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Do you work with someone like this?

Sometimes is good to fire Someone
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Someone works with you every day. Someone is there when you first get into the office and Someone always shows up late. Someone leaves early and Someone does not show up at all. Someone is always blaming the traffic and weather for making them late, when everyone else arrives on time. Someone constantly uses any excuse to get out of their responsibilities.

Someone is not a team player nor is Someone looking out for your well being at work. When you’re looking for help, Someone is not there. When you need a partner, Someone is never around. Someone is always asking you for help and Someone expects you to finish their work when they are not there. Someone is not afraid to use everyone to get their work done, even when everybody already has jobs to do. When the rewards and accolades are presented for a job well done, Someone is always there to take credit for your hard work.

Someone is always on extended breaks. Someone is always spreading rumors and gossip about everyone. Someone is always talking about everybody behind their backs. Someone is selfish and is not above manipulating people to cover for them. Someone is always cheating the system. Someone is always lying about their time card and how long they take on breaks. Someone is always talking during important meetings and it’s Someone who is constantly asking stupid questions so the meeting takes longer so Someone does not have to do any work.

When a cell phone goes off and its ringtone is very inappropriate and vulgar, it’s Someone’s. Someone always has sexist and racially tasteless materials posted in the cubicle. When you turn on your computer its Someone who forwarded the naked photos to your account. It was Someone who spends their entire morning checking their personal emails, fantasy sports, and social network accounts while everyone is waiting for Someone to submit that report.

Someone is always responsible for not refilling the paper try in the copier. Someone is the person who leaves their food in the break room refrigerator for three months. Someone never cleans up after themselves and its Someone who refuses to stop eating in their cubical, even though it’s against the company policy. Someone always parks in your designated spot and Someone is always arguing with the parking attendant at the end of the shift, so everyone has to wait in the line before going home.

When Human Resources summoned Someone into their office to discuss their poor behavior, Someone always blames others. Someone never accepts the blame for their mistakes. Someone always complains about everyone else.

In an effort to create a more positive and productive work environment, Human Resources have recommended to the General Manager that Someone be disciplined. When Someone is suspended for three days, Everyone finds out they are more productive without Someone. Everyone enjoys the higher level of professionalism and common courtesy that overtakes the office during Someone’s absence.

When Someone returned, the General Manager met with the Human Resources Manager and decided that something had to be done. They told Someone that their attitude and behavior had to change, but we all know that Someone was not going to alter their behavior. Someone only thought they needed to play the game and acted like it for a short time. Everybody knew Someone is not going to change. Sometimes it takes a leader to make the tough decisions and in the pursuit of maintaining a more positive and productive work environment for everyone, it was decided Someone had to go.

Do you know who that Someone is? Are you Someone or somebody?

I wrote something close to this for a company news letter a few years ago. It was in response to everyone always complaining about everything. When asked, who is doing it? The response was “someone.” So when I replied, “there is no time card with that name on it." I decided it was time to fire someone and we did. From that point, we no longer hired or employed "Someone". We started a personal accountability program that changed the way our location interacted with each other and it raised our productivity and lowered our accidents, complaints, and employee relations issues.

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