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Do you want to live your destiny, Lilou Mace interviews Robert Ohotto

Unearthed. Juicy World Living Tour with Liliou Mace and on the couch with her is radio show host, intuitive counselor, Coach and Life Strategist, and author of his new book, ”Transforming Fate Into Destiny,” Robert Ohotto. Your “soul blueprint” the contract you made before you got here is that we are all becoming more and more sensitive and intuitive. To honor this vulnerability is to pull in and retrieve your core sense, ”this is what I’m here to do man.”

Everyone is coming out of the closet

Robert says karma is thought of as being too shame based, we are misunderstanding God in that we are born of original sin. We are born to shine and intuition is going to lead you to shine. Healing is learning to include the dark side of ourselves. You can have a conversation with your “inner child” and reinforce the good things about yourself.

Check it before you wreck it

The bigger world picture and us, we are so “inner “connected. The pursuit of awareness and happiness is to let go of all cultural labels. It’s like the person you hear about wearing their clothes backwards. You have to shake things up and get out of the worn path.

Where the action is, the power of now

When is now? How many present moments do you have? The future is now where it can be seeded, nourished, blossoms and grows. Being conscious creating the magnetic center and freeing yourself from the law of accident. The influence of someone goes through your magnetic center, conscious in origin.

A machine does not know itself

A machine who knows itself begins to take responsibility for itself and it is no longer a machine. A man has false conceptions and false ideas about himself, thousands of them. He must get rid of them otherwise the acquired new knowledge will be built on the wrong foundation and he will be worse off than before.

Being a conscious influence

The moment is the first step on the stairway. Traveling down your path may require a guide. The higher you climb the more you rely on those who are following you. You will ascend all that you sacrificed. If they do not ascend, you will fall also. There are many possibilities within you. How can a wrong way be recognized, by knowing the right way.

Soul contracts

Everyone has a soul schedule. Everyone has to show up. The power is not ours but we are a part of it. When you look out the window in the morning what is it that breaks your heart. Whatever it is use your gifts and energy to heal it. You have to be holistic, transformationists. Just be O.K. where you are.

Sometimes something happens and your are just pissed off

The emotions are not always meant to be taken so literally, however they are a means of energy. Why are you feeling anger, because it is the thing that changes your energy and maybe makes you more aware or you change direction and hat is not always a bad thing. It just is. It’s not all about us. It’s not here to judge, just go with the flow, row your boat gently down the stream.

What is it that will get you to engage on a soul contract level

That pause brings to you the teacher, the medicine of the moment. We have to tolerate the uncomfortable. We all think we are entitled to comfortable lives. Just pause and breathe and be in the name of love. When you have blocked intuition coming through from your guardians then you have to work through that too.

The trauma in your life is left up to interpretation by you

You can see it as a lesson and become more compassionate or you can take a walk off the deep end and drive yourself into addiction or whatever. Our intuition will always work to get us out of the neurological meltdown. But if you are stuck in the time warp of what happened to you before you will miss the opportunities and many possibilities for your expression and change.

You got esteem as a kid by getting blamed or taking on everyone else’s baggage. People are masters at surviving. Kids become the scapegoats in the family for he parents. “Let me be the black sheep, let me take on the pain, let me be the rescuer.” Let me take on whatever it is you as a parent don’t want to deal with. The kids anticipate what will need to be done to be loved and noticed and loved by the parent. That is why when kids end up in the therapist’s office they already know the child is just the symptom to what is actually going on in the family.

Present time is where you always need to ground yourself

Whatever the moment is, find you in it now. You don’t get opted out of pain by reverting back to history or launching into the future, or getting out of the now, which could be unpleasant that is happening to you.

Destiny is not something you would ever pick for yourself from a list of given things to do in your life. It is about however, having meaning in your life and giving meaning to others around you. It’s genuine love. Giving each other permission to be authentically our own self, to step out of what ‘the family’ has set for you and growing into your own being. It’s a coming out.

Everyone is afraid to surrender

The word itself sends people running. To surrender is not ‘giving up’ as it signals in war time. It is realizing you don’t have control over everything or everyone in your life. To let go of the strong grip or hold you have on your life to make sure everything happens just the way you want. There are plenty of people ‘going out the window’ because they are so lost and completely unhappy because of their family’s expectations for them.

“When your heart is on the line that is an archetype of process,” Robert explains Lilou.

Lilou, “Is that where the soul meets with destiny”

“You aren’t judging it, you just don’t like it,” Robert gets down and real, “You have to go for the stars and reach for your heart and go where you are being pulled. The soul contract of it is, going for the heart; it’s the choice that is true to for you and being O.K with it.”

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