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Do you want to build a snowman?

What more could be said about the past two days? At Young Harris College school was cancelled because of weather. Snow falls from the sky and happiness follows it where ever it lands! Students around campus are enjoying their days off in many different ways. Some students are using this amazing time to catch on the sleep a college student or any student is so deprived of. Some students are enjoying the snow by sledding, snow ball fights, building snowmen, and of course the occasional Frozen (Disney’s animated film) reference. There are even some students who have decided to spend their time workout out and practicing for their collegiate sport. Lastly there are some students who are in there rooms or halls with their books and are studying for the classes that were cancelled for the day.
Of course Young Harris College has made this day as easy for everyone as possible so the dining hall hours have been changed in consideration of the wonderful staff; Breakfast: 8:30, Lunch: 11AM-1PM, Dinner: 4:30PM-6PM, and Late Night 9PM-11PM in the student center! Of course any campus office was closed. The Rec Center is open from Noon until 10 PM. The Library is closed but the staff are still answering questions through a number emailed to the YHC students.
YHC’s Campus Activities Board and staff knows that not everyone will be able to find something to do with their new free time so there are several things going on campus to entertain students. Many of the residence halls will be hosting activities throughout the day. Board games and a viewing of the Olympics during Late Night! Over all Young Harris’ students have found a way to take advantage of the cold and slippery cancellation of school.

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