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Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

It has never been easier to plan that lemonade stand.
It has never been easier to plan that lemonade stand.
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In some ways it has never been easier to start a business. That does mean that there seems to be more and more businesses that start and end…usually without you even noticing.

In the OLD days, starting a business meant a location, staff, contracts with telecommunication, utility and stationary supply companies. Today, you might start up a Facebook page to promote your Blog that is connected to Paypal.
It is much simpler today to start.

That simplicity also leads to more failures.

A failure in the past might cost you $50,000, $500,000 or more. Friends and family – if you tapped into them for funding would not be pleased. Suppliers would not be pleased. In short ‘failure’ had a high cost and could lead to a very turbulent lifestyle.

Today failure might mean changing a phone number and abandoning a BLOG and/or Facebook page…in fact failure might be something for you to embrace.

You may have a vision. You may have some great ideas, but in instead of building out a retail location and finding out that people do not like your store, why not build out a virtual location first. By going virtual you can test it and learn. You can make modifications and learn. You can get feedback and learn. The key word is ‘learning.’
In this new social world that we are living in – please do not think that social media is just a passing fad – we need to learn to be social.

Being social does not just mean building a page and plastering offerings. It means sharing, listening, caring and community. If you are building a business that people care about – not everyone, but your target market – then you should expect, welcome and participate in the sharing and communicating.
So how to start being an entrepreneur?

Start with a plan. Keep it simple. Start by jotting down ideas, goals and objectives.

But do write down what your goals are – short, medium and long.

Make sure that your goals are measurable – that will help keep them realistic.

Have a communication strategy that is based on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or others all depend on where you think you will find your target market.

Start implementing on social media. If you product or services are not completely ready, that is ok – ask for feedback. Go ahead and show you care by sharing.

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