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Do You Want to be a F$@&ing Fighter? Pt 2

So you've picked your gym, awesome, that's huge, congrats. Now what do you need in order to be successful in there? I'm not talking about gear or supplements, but what do you need inside of you to make it through the crap that is to come? Here's a list:

Patience: It took me over two years of training before I had my first fight...and I still wasn't ready. Some may require more, others less. If you're a badass D1 wrestler you may be able to get in there in win in just a few months with good matchmaking, but congratulations, you are the minority.

Determination: This is of course tied to patience. It's going to be hard, and frustrating at times developing the necessary skill set to win. Suck it up and enjoy the ride. That brings us to the next one...

Always Be a Student: There is so much to learn in this sport and if you're not getting better, you're getting worse.

Be Respectful: Respect your coach, training partners, gym, opponent, and yourself. Mainly, don't be a jackass. This is supposed to be martial arts. Be humble and conduct yourself with dignity always.

LISTEN: You're coach and training partners are investing their precious time in you. Don't waste it. When given a direction, or advice, or hell, an order, from your coach or more experienced teammate, follow it. They know better than you. You may think they don't, but that's because you don't.

Be Entertaining: This is more for when you actually get a fight booked. Be entertaining. Market yourself. Establish your brand and make people want to see you fight. You are only as valuable as the money you bring in to a promoter. Remember that and you could have a long career.

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