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Do You Use Tap Water For Your Baby's Bottles?

Bottle feeding yoru baby is a great alternative to breast feeding, but are you endangering them by using water straight from the tap?

Since the 1950s, companies have placed fluoride in tap water. Doctors have told us that this is a good thing. For those who have well water, doctors have prescribed fluoride drops to balance out the lack of fluoride in the drinking water. Parents have stocked up on fluoridated bottled water for their nursery, and have went through serious extremes to ensure that their baby had the recommended amount of fluoride before their teeth erupted. The entire medical profession was mistaken.

Fluoride is Bad for Babies:
Yes, that is right. According to the CDC fluoride is dangerous for your little one if they are under six months old. Sadly, for years formula companies have been packing baby formula full of fluoride to ensure that every baby gets a great start on healthy teeth.

Breast milk has a natural amount of fluoride in it. However, the amount provided by breast milk, is a safe amount. Bottle fed babies have been exposed to fluoride in water and then formula. Babies who's parents had well water, had fluoride drops and fluoride in their formula. This means for years, we could have been harming our children's teeth long before they erupted from the gum.

Children Under 8:
Children under the age of 8 do not need extra fluoride. The fluoride from their drinking water is plenty. Adding fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to your child's regimen can damage their teeth. The beginning of this problem is called dental fluorosis. It begins as small white spots on teeth that only a dentist can see. The process of dental fluorosis can be started from birth, long before the eruption of the first baby tooth. The longer fluoride is consumed, the more damage that can be done to the teeth.

Should I Stop Using Tap Water?
The answer to this would depend on your local water company. The fluoride in the water alone is not the culprit, and neither is the fluoride that is found in the baby formula. The problem occurs when the two are mixed together, the fluoride level is brought up to a level that is hazardous to your child's teeth. For more information contact your family dentist or your child's pediatrician.

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