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Do you trust Chicago's red light cameras?

Red Light Camera
Red Light Camera

There has been lot in the news over the past few months about red light cameras in the Chicago area. Most want to banish them, others think that they help keep an area safe. I have agree with banishing them. Why? Not because I like to run lights, but because I strongly believe that they are a scam. There are too many false positives. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this experience/opinion.

In the past few months I have paid special attention while driving around in Chicagoland. I have seen them flash like crazy repeatedly when no cars are in the intersection. I have seen one flash when myself and the car next to me stopped fine at the light. However, the other car did have the tip on the white line, but they still stopped behind the light. I made a note of that occurence to see if I would be sent a ticket.

In the past month or so I have received 2 tickets in the mail, both claiming that I ran a red light. Problem is that I DO NOT blalantly run red lights. I may be crossing during a yellow sometimes, but I never blast through a red.

The picture clearly shows my car sitting well before the line with the light red, and then on the other side of the intersection with the light still red. I'm not buying it, and I'm not paying it without a fight. But does anyone ever win those fights? Know someone? I would love to hear about it.

In this digital savvy age it is way too easy to touch up a photo. I do not trust their technology at all. I might if they sent me a DVD that showed me breezing through the light in realtime.

One congressman is fighting the red lights because they often trigger and send a ticket on a right turn. This is happening at intersections where "no right turn" signs are not posted, meaning it is NOT illegal.

The city claims the the red light cameras are in place for safety. But who are they kidding? It is all about the money. In my opinion and some others as quoted in a Fox News Report, the cameras may actually make the intersections more dangerous. Drivers who are afraid of getting caught by the red light camera may prematurely slam on the break as they approach a yellow light. This may cause rear end collisions. Or, others may speed through the yellow light in hopes of getting across before the light turns red.

I think that the whole system needs to be investigated. The idea may be a sound one, but the implementation needs to be reevaluated. They have to do better.

Kris Cain is the Chicago Tech Gear Examiner and the National Apple Gear Examiner. If you like her content here, check out her blog, You can also follow her on Twitter.


  • Tina Ranieri 4 years ago

    Hello, there she is, long time no see. No I do not trust them, just big bro looking over your shoulder

  • Kris Cain 4 years ago

    Hi Tina! Yes, I have been quite swamped. :)

  • Kris Cain 4 years ago

    Hi Tina! Yes, I have been quite swamped. :)

  • Ronni Roseman 4 years ago

    I agree-- it's entirely too easy to touch up a photo these days. Prove I ran the light. Send me a video.