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Do you track email when job seeking

It pays to keep track of your job goals
It pays to keep track of your job goals

It might sound like a silly question but when job seeking how to you keep track of the businesses you have applied, job sites or positions you want to apply and the passwords being used at these websites? Because this activity can become chaotic a small system of keeping organized is best. Not only will organizing bookmarks into a specific folder on your Internet browser be helpful another key item that can be helpful is to use something that will help track all jobs applied to. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook will allow a user to filter incoming email so it is organized. For an example job seeking scenario example read the following.

“Mary has sent her resume to Ruberg Attorneys for a receptionist position on their website. Next, Mary then looks at her email and sees a confirmation email from the corporate office stating they have received the application and Mary’s resume; they appreciate her interest and will be reviewing it. Mary wishes to keep this information in a special folder and be informed should this particular person contact them again.”

What Mary can do is use the email filter option then makes it so every time an email from this address appear it is marked with the label of “important” and a colored star. So two weeks later when Mary received a reply from the attorney asking for an interview the email showed the colored star chosen and also the label Important along the subject header.

A helpful item to use for tracking passwords can be Microsoft Excel. If there is a particular password creator being sought a suggestion is to look at KeePass because of the capability and it is open source freeware. This particular password creator freeware is quite nice as it will create virtually any password imaginable and keep it encrypted for you within a specific database. Because passwords are important and must be unique this freeware is quite helpful to build what is needed and it is user friendly.