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Do you still love your first choice college?

it’s time for the college-bound to recount the ways they love their college choices. Perspectives, priorities and positions may have changed since the beginning of the college search process. Is the top selected college still a perfect match or is it time to move on to other possibilities?

Valentine's Day Spirit Grips The U.S. as an 18-years-old carries a heart shaped balloon through the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall
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Here are eleven questions students may ask to find out if they still love their first choice college:

  1. Does it share the same values? Check the mission statement and the program/department beneficiaries of the school’s resources.
  2. Is there a mutual attraction? Review school requirements and current student body stats to see how they match student qualifications.
  3. Does it have similar interests? Look at the course/program offerings for academics and the school activity calendar to find events, lectures and clubs.
  4. How does it show it cares? Find out about student services such as medical, mental health, food, residential, advising, safety and transportation.
  5. Does it make a good impression? A visit will show campus maintenance, the quality of academic/extracurricular resources, the helpfulness of staff, and the friendliness of current students.
  6. What's its reputation? Check the media including community, regional, national and student newspapers for reports about issues.
  7. Who does it associate with? Find out if the school participates in joint programs with other colleges, businesses and groups.
  8. How does it get along with their neighbors? See how much the locals welcome students by offering discounts, events and employment opportunities for community involvement.
  9. Is it high maintenance? Discover how much the school costs and how close it meets student financial needs.
  10. Does it put students first? Find out how easy it is to sign up for events, programs, classes, get into required courses, get help when needed, and graduate on time.
  11. Will it care after a diploma is earned? Check career placement and alumni association services.

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