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Do you remember Whitewater?

Ah, yes.  The famous Whitewater investigation during the Clinton years. It’s the focus of one of our blogs today, but first let’s glance at the headlines that folks are talking about this Monday morning.

Senator Blanche Lincoln says the federal stimulus dollars are helping here in Arkansas. The state’s share is just over $3 billion, with some of the money already invested in  the Arkansas School for the Deaf and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. GOP challengers say the program is a waste and many of the programs getting the funding should be able to pay for things on their own. Lincoln says her opponents just don’t understand how the federal government can help Arkansas communities.

New gun rules go into effect at national parks across the country, including Hot Springs National Park here in Central Arkansas. If you have a concealed-weapon permit you can carry a loaded weapon into the parks. But, you still can’t use the weapon. Parks officials say you still can’t hunt in any national park. Anti-gun activists say national parks  have been among the safest places in the country, but that could change under the new rules.

Students in the Pine Bluff School District are joining those in more than 150 around the globe in learning leadership principles based on a popular book, Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Under the program, students are urged to set and track goals, lead parent-teacher conferences, and sit in one advisory panels that interview prospective teachers.

Now, let’s hit the blogs, where one of our regular writers adds some insight to a big New York Times article this weekend on the Whitewater Investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

One small omission

A high editor of the New York Times today reviews Ken Gormley's encyclopedic rehash of the Whitewater investigation, "The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr." Richard Berke writes about the marathon witch hunt: “Yet the entire episode stemmed not from matters of war and peace, but from the question of whether Clinton, when he was governor of Arkansas, had bared himself to a young woman, Paula Corbin Jones, in a Little Rock hotel room in 1991. In today’s world of suicide bombers and a ravaged economy, it all seems not merely frivolous, but […]

Last week we touched on the issues of Sustainable Agriculture in Arkansas. Here’s more on that important topic from the same blogger:

Roadblocks to Sustainable Local Agriculture

Even as the local food movement has entered an encouraging period of growth, significant roadblocks to local markets exist.  One of the biggest issues facing local farmers markets is the influx of cheap produce that is not grown locally.  A large percentage of this produce comes from shipments to large grocery chains that are rejected [...]

And, something to keep our collective eyes on, via Ozarks Unbound – word of something that could impact Central Arkansas AND Northwest Arkansas:

Mysterious LR press conference next week has Mayor Jordan with Gov. Beebe | CF

Green Job Training Center Announcement Imminent. COMMENT: Northwest Arkansas Newspapers’ Skip Descant probes Fayetteville Mayor Lionel Jordan’s press conference plans in Little Rock next week. Though it’s not been announced, the assumption is that it could deal with the creation of a “green” jobs training center for Fayetteville and a second one in Little Rock. The [...]

Now, hit the ground running for the new week! And Click Here for video and more on this information.


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