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Do You Recycle?

     Currently only about 30% of South Carolina population recycles. You can take a tour of one of  the South Carolina newest landfill, Twin Chimneys, located at the southern part of Greenville County on Highway 25. They have a nice facility there with offices and an educational room. They have a display that shows a design sample of the layers of plastic liner, sand and drainage pipes to prevent runoff from contaminating our natural water sources. The drainage flows into two huge tanks that are later pumped into tanker trucks and hauled off for recycling. You can schedule a tour of Twin Chimneys site by contacting the Greenville County Recycling Coordinators or contact your area recycling coordinators. Visit the Greenville website at:
With the current rate of population growth and recycling rate, the Twin Chimneys landfill will last 40 - 45 years. This time frame could easily be extended with increased education, research and better recycling habits. It currently cost approximately $250,000 per acre to prepare and use land for a landfill.
Food and beverage containers make up 46% of the solid waste stream. Over half of this is comprised of metal, glass, plastic and paper. If we dispose of these items at a recycling bin that's at least 50% more space for landfill. By recycling newspapers, we could save 500,000 trees each week. This equates to 26 million trees each year!
      The concept of recycling is as simple as filing papers in a filing cabinet. Keep a separate bin at home for your paper and another for your glass, plastic and metals. Your plastic grocery bags are collected at most grocery stores. E-mail for an Adobe viewable slide show to see how critical this is! Keep it together and pitch it in to a nearby recycling bin!


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