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Do you pick up after your pooch poops?


Over forty-percent of us have at least one dog.  That adds up to about 63-million four-legged family members.  That's a lot of dogs that have been locked up all day and need to be walked at least a twice a day!  So, do you clean up after your pet, or do leave that special something behind hoping someone else will pick it up, or more than likely, step in it?  

It's not a law in most places and chances are you won't get a ticket, but not picking up annoys people and makes it bad for all dog owners who do pick up. You owe it to your neighbors, people you share parks and sidewalks with and to your dog and all dogs you hope to share your life with but won't be able to peacefully if dog-haters get power.

You can turn picking up after your pet into a green exercise.  Recycle those plastic newspaper and supermarket bags that gather in your kitchen drawers.  Bring a bunch with you on your walks, so you have extras to share with others who don't have any.  Remember: no excuses, zero tolerance!  You can also double bag so you don't feel the heat, or smell the odor and inevitably one bag will have a hole.  It's a quick four step process.

  • 1.   HOLD BREATH  

Remember to always wash your hands after you walk your dog.  Keep in mind, what you feed your pet can make the smell of your pet's waste more tolerable.

There's always the Pooper Scooper Method if you can't bring yourself to handle the actual stuff.  You can buy one of those long-armed contraptions with the double-sided shovels.  Personally, I think they're a bigger hassle, but it's up to you.

If you're too pooped to scoop, you might want to look into hiring a service like the Pet Butler.  They pick up where your pet let off, and they clean and sanitize the area, too.  They're much more expensive, but they are #1 in the #2 business.

 Whatever you choose to do, it's really simple: Be a courteous community member and pick up after your dog.


  • Maria 5 years ago

    Nice shilling for Pet Butler. There are hundreds of other services. And unlike Pet Butler, they haven't been kicked out of the scooping trade organization for misconduct.