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Do you love beauty? Then get ready for Valentine's Day!

When that special night is coming up, we all want to look fabulous and maybe do something a little more than "normal". What will your choice be - smoky eyes and glossy pink lips? Or perhaps just lots of mascara and matte red lips? Regardless of the color you add, you will want your skin to look smooth and flawless.

The best way to get that touchable skin is to start a little in advance of the night of your date. This time of year, most of us are experiencing true winter weather which can dry everything out. Now is the perfect time to introduce an exfoliator if you don't already use one regularly. This will help eliminate the flakiness and dullness than can creep into our complexions.

Also add a more substantial moisturizer so that you are taking care of that freshly revealed skin. The right moisturizer for your skin type can smooth out the flakiness and temporarily plump up some of those fine lines. And make sure to moisturize around your eye area. You can use a specially formulated eye cream, or simply your regular lotion if it doesn't contain any irritants.

And don't forget your lips! The most popular lip treatment is to apply a warm damp washcloth followed by a healthy dollop of Vaseline, and then use the same washcloth to gently buff the Vaseline off.

These tips also apply for the skin below your chin - exfoliate from the neck down and slather on a thick cream. This works especially well at night so your skin can absorb all of that moisture while you get your beauty sleep.

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