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Do you like looking at dead bodies? (WARNING graphic images included)

Also, take note of the driver, looks like she's flipping off whoever.
Also, take note of the driver, looks like she's flipping off whoever.

It turns out, many people must indeed like looking at dead bodies. In fact, as many of you may know there's practically a whole section of the internet specifically for gross things and dead bodies. One of these sites, which drew my attention the most, is called This website has seemingly been up for years, perhaps as long as the internet itself. The odd part is that the site seems to keep receiving submissions, and people still keep coming. Don't be fooled either, Rotten isn't the only website where you can see this sort of stuff, it's everywhere and it's not going away either.

Maybe it's due to the fact that humanity always turns to something morbid, it's curiosity. It seems that humans always need a reminder of morality, which is best shown through these types of photos. It's like not being able to turn your head while looking at a car crash. You may not like what you're seeing, but you just can't help but look. Of course, there's also the sorts of people who actually enjoy this sort of stuff. Many are not bad people, just deeply odd and possibly disturbed people. Rotten seems to have less traffic than most of these other sites though, even if there's no adds and an abundance of bloody gore to view. However, it indeed exists and it's going strong. The types of images shown at this site range from educational, to dead bodies to just really bizarre and even just plain gross stuff. You would think most people would be appalled at such photos being so accessible and even enjoyed. However, many actually live for this kind of stuff. I've met many people over the years who know about Rotten, and have even tried to show me other websites offering the same types of stuff. The truly disturbing part about this is that most of those people, were teenagers younger than 17. This leaves a major question, why are so many teenagers so drawn to "the dark side" more than others? It could be due to the rebellion and self discovery that most teens deal with. This may come as alarming to many parents who thought that porn was the only thing they would have to shield their babies from. It seems that death sells just as well as sex sells. These types of websites show no sign of closing down, and many people hope they never see the day where they do. Morbid curiosity is one hell of a driver, which leaves me asking the question, do you like looking at dead bodies?


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