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Do you know your Valentine's date? Do a background check before Valentine's Day

Do you know your Valentine’s date? Really? Or maybe you just started talking to that super hot guy or girl you met online, but are a little nervous about the first encounter? If you have qualms, then do a quick and easy background check before the first big date or the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

A muslim wedding in Ribnovo, Bulgaria. Do you really know your date, partner or spouse?
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In today's world, it is more important than ever to do your research, know the people around you to ensure that your friends, colleagues and the people you surround yourself with are trustworthy. Approximately 15 million U.S. residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with a financial loss totaling upwards of $50 billion. Stats for crimes go up over the holidays, and with the recent arrest the "revenge pornster", video above, it has never been more imperative to know whom you are talking to online!

Erik Knight, creator of saw the importance of quick and easy access to information, and created the website to present a simple to use and completely free platform. DirtSearch investigates through online public records, and can uncover how 'dirty' friends, family or loved ones really are. In its fifth year, Dirt Search now has over two million users.

Who else can DirtSearch help you run a background check on? Erik Knight has provided a list of the top six people you should check on today.

  1. Yourself: As the data suggests above, identity theft in this country is rampant. A background check on yourself can divulge why you didn’t get that job, and helps you identify what information about you exists on the web to ensure it is accurate. Maybe you have the same name as someone with a sketchy past or maybe someone has stolen your identity without you realizing it. Search yourself often to know what information is assessable about you.
  2. Your Date: The potential dangers of dating in today's world have multiplied with the Internet. When you meet someone from an online dating site, a background check could provide knowledge, which is power. When all you have is someone's phone number, username, and first name, you can often find additional information including their last name and any information you need before the first date. And remember to always meet up in a public place.
  3. Your Sister's Boyfriend: Shoplifting and fraud cost American retailers $8.9 billion last holiday season. The average small business owner loses thousands of dollars in outstanding invoices. Most people spend more time everyday with co-workers than family, so know whom you can trust and who has dirty laundry. Any time money is involved in a relationship, know who and what you or your family are getting involved with.
  4. Your Doctor: There are very few professions where honesty and reputation matters more than in the medical field, from a nurse, a plastic surgeon, or a general care practitioner. Background checks for medical professionals could be a revelation, and also disclose any malpractice suits as well as unearth any red flags. There is no reason to trust any medical professional or give them the benefit of the doubt without having done a little research first.
  5. The Independent Sales Person that has a great deal for you: You may have bought a new couch or a cabinet off a website or Craigslit and the seller agreed to deliver it to you, but do you really know much about them? They could damage your property, or bring unwanted illegal activity into your home. A background check of any potential seller to see that they have a clean financial and criminal history is an excellent way to ensure the overall integrity and honesty of the salesperson and transaction.
  6. The Babysitter and/or Housekeeper: Our greatest assets are our children. Entrusting someone with God’s gifts, and your house, warrants a background check to ensure the safety of your child and security of your home.

Visit to check on your Valentine’s Day date or anyone else you feel necessitates a background check. The search is quick, easy and free and offers a little peace of mind.

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