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Do you know your spouse's love language?

Do you know your love language ?
Do you know your love language ?

Love. We all search for it and many of us are lucky enough to find it. But, what happens when the road gets rocky? Are you willing to stick it out for the long haul? Many couples go through stages in their relationship much like a roller coaster. In the beginning of the roller coaster we are scared and excited. We can't wait to take this amazing ride full of twists and turns. With each tug we get closer and closer up the hill to free fall into our emotions.

On a rollercoaster the only tool you need is a great screaming voice while in relationship there are many tools and trades you will need to pick up. The first and foremost is the tool of communication. There is no doubt that your have heard the phrase communication is the key to any relationship. And this could not be more true. You do need to communicate with your significant other in a clear and calm manner.

But, what about observation? Are you an observant person? Do you know how your partner communicates to you that they love you? And how to they receive your love as well? Often times in my sessions with couples at Resource Therapy I will hear these comments.

Wife: "He never shows me any affection."

Husband:" I tell you all the time that I love you."

Here we have a couple that is communicating in two different love languages. The wife's love language is visual. She needs some type of physical representation of her husbands love. This could be as simple as doing a load of laundry to show you care. Or a sweet note in the morning by her bedside. The husband on the other hand is communicating that he say's he loves her. Most times but not always, how we say we are communicating our love is often how we receive the love as well. In this case, the husband needed to hear more positive reinforcement from his wife to feel validated and loved.

If your relationship is struggling now, don't give up. Take the time to get to know your partner all over again. Find out there love language and watch how much a little change can improve your relationship.

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