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Do you know who your cab driver really is?

Taking a cab ride is a right of passage for many world travelers. Whether it's through the streets of New York City, the narrow alleyways of our nation's capital, the mean streets of Mexico, or any other exotic locale, taxis allow weary vacationers the freedom to go from place to place along roadways that they probably have very little clue about. But, do you ever wonder who might be behind the wheel of the taxi?

Jeff Gordon takes Jalopnik’s editor Travis Okulski and viewers alike on a thrill-ride never to be forgotten.

In most cases, cab drivers are well trained, licensed individuals who have a better than working knowledge of the area where they work. They at least know how to get to most major destinations, and have an idea of how to get to most places even if they haven't been there before. Of course, there is always that sinking feeling that the person behind the wheel may not be the best person to trust your very life with in what can be a deadly weapon.

This scenario is the basis for the latest video from PepsiMax, where a rogue cab driver decides that a possible return to prison is a bit more than he can muster, and takes his unwilling fare on a wild ride through town in an effort to evade the police that are in hot pursuit.

Thanks to the overwhelming response of Pepsi Max Test Drive last year featuring Jeff Gordon in full disguise, now here’s round two. If you enjoyed the first Test Drive, you’re going to love what we have in store this time around, as the stakes have been raised on every level. The passenger for Test Drive 2 was Travis Okulski, editor at Jalopnik. Travis was a little critical of the first Test Drive video, and wrote an article questioning whether Gordon really drove the car and whether the video was real.

So, Pepsi MAX and Jeff decided to bring the unexpected to Travis. Jeff disguised again and this time as a cab driver, taking his driving skills to the MAX and giving Travis the most surprising and shocking ride of his life. It started out nice and normal, but once pulled over by the cop, all hell broke loose. Needless to say, Travis will sure never question Jeff’s driving skills or the credibility of Pepsi MAX Test Drive again.

Even though this situation is a bit out there, it does make the average tourist and businessman wonder what if this situation actually occurred. What would be the right thing to do? Have you ever had a cab ride that went a bit beyond the pale?

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