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Do you know who owns your website and content?

Who owns your website?
Who owns your website?

Do you know who owns your website? If you haven’t taken the time to read your contract, the answer might surprise you.

Knowing the answer to this question is vital to your business. The first step is to know who hosts your website, then check your contract and make sure you own the site and the content on it. Then set up auto-renewal to pay your web hosting fees so no one can snatch it out from under you when you forget to pay.

Your website might call Houston, Texas home without you even knowing it. Houston is home to over 50,000 of the busiest websites in the world, as well as 15 of the largest web hosting companies. Twice as many websites call the Lone Star State home than do Mountain View, California, the runner-up.

Take the time to understand where websites come from in order to protect your business and intellectual property. Check out this infographic for more.