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Do you know they made this from beer?

Things they do with beer - Many brewers use it to make soap
Things they do with beer - Many brewers use it to make soap

Have you ever brewed a batch of beer at home or seen a batch of beer brewed and wondered what happens to the spent grain from the beer. One thing that does not happen is that brewers just throw it into the trash.
Here are eight ways that brewers use that spent grain: (make sure to check out the slideshow)

  1. Make bread and pair with cheese to go with the flavor profile of the beer
  2. Sell the grain that is left over to ranchers and dairy farmers
  3. The Alaskan Brewing Co. invented a boiler that uses steam energy to power the brewery
  4. Many brewers use it to make soap
  5. Many places use the grain to make an assortment of dog treats
  6. A number of places sell it to the farmers, who in turn use it for their compost
  7. Coors Brewing has put together a process in that they create ethanol
  8. In Japan they are using the grain to create bio-plastic

The next time that you are enjoying your beer think of all the great things that the companies have done with your beer, while they were making it. Enjoy your beer and be safe.

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