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Do You Know the Types of Internet Connections?

types of internet connections for you
types of internet connections for you
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The internet is the most important and required for everyone. We use the internet most of the times in any way. With technological advancement internet connections has also improved and we are getting better speed and connectivity nowadays. Since the demand of internet services has increased rapidly so the internet service providers.

Now there are different types of internet connection and many internet service providers to choose from. People often get confused while choosing the best internet connection for them. However, once you know about your requirement and types of internet services, it will be easy for you to decide the best option.

Types of internet Connections

Which One Do You Use?

Through the years, internet services and connections have evolved. Now, we have lots ways to connect to the internet. We have Dial-up, Wireless, mobile, Wi-Fi, or broadband connections and each have their own specialties and features. Here is the basic description of these internet connections:

• 1. Dial-up Connection: it is the most basic and common type of internet connection. It is least expensive and slowest connection as compared to other internet connections. The user is connected to the internet through the local server, which uses standard (56kbits per Sec.) modem. The connection process is simple but relatively tedious. Now the Dial-up connection is an outdated practice and users avoid getting this connection.

• 2. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL): This is an earlier version of broadband internet connection, it provides varying data transfer speed. This connection works through the phone connection, the phone line is separated for voice and data transfer. It enables to use the phone while connected to the internet. DSL (Digital Subscriber line) is a more advanced version of the ADSL connection and more common online services these days because of better speed.

• 3. Cable Internet: Since long time conventional cable TV is an excellent way of transfer audio and video signal. Now, cables are also used for providing internet services. Cable internet is becoming popular because of its faster data transfer rate, especially with fiber optic cables. Usually, the price and speed of cable internet services overlaps those of DSL connections.

• 4. Wi-Fi Connection: This form of internet services is the most preferred among people. This is a wireless connection so very convenient to use and provides fast data transfer. You do not have to be at home to access Wi-Fi connection. You can use it anywhere you just have to find a hotspot and connect your system.

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