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Do you know how much exercise it takes to burn off calories?

Do you know how much exercise it takes to burn off calories? If you did, you would seriously consider not picking up that food which will not only send your blood sugar into a spiral, but will add fat to your body.

What is your favorite comfort food? Pizza? Mocha coffee? Cheesecake? Bagels? Those super-sized cookies? Whatever is your go-to comfort food, if you eat it, well, there are consequences, consequences like extra fat on your body, high salt that raises your blood pressure, and horrendous amounts of sugar. You name it, and there is something that will be working hard to shorten your life as well as hamper your quality of life, especially if you are downing these foods in any quantity.

The typical person eats 150 pounds of sugar annually! What should you be eating? Ready for this—no more than 13 teaspoons each day (based on a 2000 calorie diet). In one pound of sugar you get 87 teaspoons. In 150 pounds, you are getting 13,050 teaspoons of sugar. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

Eating sugar can kill you—look at the diseases that are the result of too much sugar, fat, and salt. Two-thirds of this country is overweight, and half of those people are obese. And many just do not care that they are shortening their lives by up to 20 years. For those who do care, you may want to think twice about downing your favorite comfort food more than once every two weeks. Those calories will turn into fat unless you are mitigating the situation by exercise.

How much exercise do you need—it all depends, based on your current weight, your metabolic rate, and what you are eating. In general, here are the times you need to work out to burn off your favorite foods.

Pizza (cheese only—1 slice 650 calories) – 70 minutes of hardcore tennis
Bagel with cream cheese (500 calories)—this is not the super size, either – 2 ½ hours of dancing
Large chocolate chip cookie (400 calories) – stair machine for 40 minutes
Muffin (Starbucks size 450 calories) – jogging 1 hour
Muffin (Mimi’s size, 900-1100 calories) – jogging 2-3 hours
Mocha Coffee with whipped cream, 20 oz. (400 calories) – swimming 40 minutes
Cheesecake (700 calories) – brisk walking, 4 mph, 2 hours and 40 min.

After seeing this list, you have to ask yourself, “Is it really worth it to indulge in that high caloric food?” Does everyone have enough time in the week to be exercising to the tune of what the damage is from these comfort foods? Of course you do--if you have time to watch TV or time to be on Facebook, you have time to exercise. If you want to keep the weight off, you have to decide which is more important--living longer or eating that cookie.

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